The Tesla Generator in Comparison with Other Energy Sources

The Tesla generator is one major breakthrough when it comes to reducing the costs of electric bills and maximizing one’s use of electricity at home and in other establishments as well. If you are considering on buying or assembling your own Tesla generator, then you should first know why you are making the best choice for your electricity needs.
First of all, the first thing you should know is that having this type of generator provides you with an unlimited supply of energy since you would not have to result to fuel and other sources of energy like the wind and the sun.

Second, a Tesla generator is easy and not too expensive to build. When you purchase the materials needed and assemble everything, your spending would not reach more than $100.

Third, small-scale versions of this generator are easy to assemble and are very easy to transport even in high altitude areas. This can be very advantageous to those who live in places that can not be reached by existing power lines.

There are other sources of energy and this article shall be explaining the different drawbacks of these alternative sources of energy.

Solar Energy

There are homes that have solar panels installed in their roofs or in any other areas which are often struck by the sun’s rays. These solar panels are designed to trap sunlight which can be transformed to electricity later on.

However, using solar energy can be quite limited because of the fact that the sun is not always in the sky. Also, it can be quite expensive to assemble and build a solar power station which is very essential in making use of the trapped sunlight.

Wind Energy

Wind power is generated whenever a strong wind pushes turbines. The electric generators that come with the turbines then transform this into energy. However, like solar energy, wind energy also has its drawbacks.

Wind energy can not be stored for later use and due to the different variations in the velocity of wind, the flow of wind power is far from being regular and constant.

Hydroelectric Energy

Hydroelectricity is a type of energy that can be produce from the potential energy identified with dam water. The gravitational pull of falling water is harnessed by turbine generators which later on transform this force into energy. The only disadvantages are that it can only be utilized in areas where water is abundant and to assemble a hydro dam tends to be restrictive, depending on the area to be built.

Summing up all the points mentioned above, the major disadvantages of the mentioned alternative energy sources often have to do with the availability and convenience of having such generators in one’s property. You might want to opt to assemble a Tesla generator instead since aside from its transportability, it is capable of producing energy constantly and in unlimited amounts. This way, anyone would be able to use the energy they need no matter where they are and whenever they want to.