Tesla Generator Reviews

Tesla generator reviews can be found all over the Internet, opinions on the machine will vary however the overwhelming message is clear and that is the Tesla Generator works. The views of most people researching into the Tesla dynamo or Tesla generator is that “surely it cannot work”, then after a brief amount of research they realise the feedback that the reviewers are giving is 100% positive.

Tesla Generator reviews from the scientific community

Opinions and feedback concerning the Tesla generator have come from both scientists and electronics experts, it is they in fact who have offered the most positive reviews on the subject. These are people who carefully scrutinise and investigate in great detail all projects they work on, you might say they are biased in the favor of Tesla’s generator simply because they are scientists. Yes indeed most scientists will know that Tesla was a colleague of Thomas Edison, this though is not the main reason that the Tesla generator has received such applause from the scientific community. The reason the scientific community give such great tesla generator reviews is this, quite simply they have tested it and it works.

The biggest reason for positive Tesla Generator Reviews

It is well known that just after Tesla died his plans and documents were confiscated, who by you might ask? The U.S Government. Since then much has been said about the Tesla generator however its ability has “never” been dismissed by the powers that be. This is because they are not in a position to say it does not work, it is for this reason that 99% of all Tesla Generator reviews promote the devices powers. If you are looking for feedback or expert reviewers there are hundred’s online and indeed their reviews will be varied, the one thing that you will notice though is that the Tesla Generator reviews all agree the device can indeed create free electricity.

Tesla Generator – Providing the World an Endless Source of Clean and Natural Electricity

A revolutionary mechanism creating free energy, the Tesla Generator promises to be one of the most useful inventions of modern times. Based on the Tesla Coil developed by Nikola Tesla in 1891, this generator is able to produce electrical energy and solve the problems of billions of people around the world, regardless of their financial situation.

An actual ‘gold mine’, the Tesla Generator is the answer that both individuals and companies have been waiting for. It could actually mean the beginning of a new era, one in which electricity no longer means unaffordable bills.

A Brief History of the Tesla Coil and Generator

Numerous studies and tests implying electrical lightning, electrotherapy or x-ray generation have led to the developing of a coil able to generate an extremely powerful electrical field. The secret stands in the use of alternating currents to produce a high frequency of electricity.

The basic idea is to make use of a medium to high voltage power source, spark gaps and high voltage capacitors to stimulate multiple-layer primary inductors, a process that yields high frequency currents of periodic bursts. 

The Tesla Generator was initially used in wireless telegraphy and radio. Later on, it was used in Electrotherapy and other pseudo-medical devices. Over time, enthusiasts began to use this type of coil to design free energy devices that resemble the Tesla fuel less generator. The convertors used by this particular coil operate in a non-conventional manner.

As the subject rapidly spread worldwide, a wide range of independent experimenters, research institutions or scientists began to create their own coils. However, the unique spark pattern differentiates the Tesla coil from any other gadget.

The Tesla Generator is highly recommended and very well reviewed by trusted websites, quite a few of them being dedicated to teach people to build their own generators at home, using minimum resources.


Tesla’s dream was to provide a costless energy source as a gift for all humanity. Offering people and businesses electricity without limitations may seem like a utopia, yet it is now achievable. Widely discussed over the Internet, this energy machine is supposed to lighten the lives and households even of those who could not really afford it until today.

It stands for clean electrical power, in the sense that there are no emissions, no fumes and no pollutants involved! At the moment, it is the only proven system to produce cost-free electricity. The Earth has a lot of natural energy to provide, some of it undiscovered until recently, and this generator is just the apparatus that can convert it into usable kilowatts. Your entire house can be powered by it.

With terms describing it as “revolutionary”, efficient “yesterday, today, tomorrow”, “innovative”, and manuals that teach you how to assemble such an energy producing system, you would really be at a loss if you did not try building one for yourself. The blueprints available online are very accessible and easy-to read, turning the building of the Tesla Generator into a simple 7th grade science project.