Tesla Generator Plans

Tesla Generator Plans have been surfacing on the Internet since they were first leaked some years back, since then people have been using the Tesla blueprints in order to fine tune and build the ultimate power generating machine. These drawings are being downloaded every day and for 2 reasons, firstly by those who wish to generate their “own” electricity and secondly by those who wish to develop larger Tesla dynamos or generators in order to create large scale electric power.

What are contained within the Tesla Generator Plans

Unlike free Tesla generator Plans that do not actually contain the parts list the down-loadable blueprints actually contain the details of “every” component needed. As with all schematics it is vital that they are accompanied by a parts list, with both detailed instructions and component manifest the device can easily be constructed in no time at all. There was a time when the plans were only available to a select underground of chosen scientists, as with all secrets it was not long before someone leaked them.

The excitement surrounding the Tesla plans and blueprints

The major value of obtaining a copy of the Tesla Generator Plans is  to simply to create your own electricity, no it is the fact that experiment’s in the area of power creation may lead to even more green development’s. There are those who would pay a kings ransom to obtain free electricity, that is what there are labs all over the world trying to crack the Tesla code. In other words the Tesla Plans and drawings are being used to build the ultimate power generating machine, the person who succeeds will gain greatly and indeed so will all humanity. It is for this reason that the Tesla Generator is such a fabled device, its mystery and secrecy hold a massive power in themselves and it is that power that could change the world.

In a world where the hunger for energy was not quite present and the society was more concerned about comfort than about protecting the environment, a man decided to build a device to meet the energy need of a future growing technology and population, while respecting the needs of the environment. As it happens so often, the new machine took the name of its creator: the Tesla Generator.

When Nikola Tesla announced that he had harnessed a new type of energy (the radiant energy) and he had easily transformed it into low cost electricity, everybody was sure that everything must be a scam and that the inventor must be just a pathetic joker in need of attention. Even the idea of energy coming out of virtually nothing seemed unbelievable and impossible.

In a society with plenty of fuel, in which coal and petroleum were more than sufficient, in which so many people were involved in extraction and in producing energy, nobody was able to even consider the idea of changing the old practice without a major reason. But, in a few years, “the mad scientist” and his device, the Tesla Generator were able to provide us with methods to save the Earth and its inhabitants.  

In the last few years there have been more and more persons who predicted the depletion of conventional natural resources and spoke about the urgent need to find new sources of energy, in order to keep the world moving. At the same time, conventional energy harvesting processes, exploited at maximum until now, have caused important transformations of the environment.

Therefore, we are now in a situation in which the Earth cannot sustain the changes we forced it to. The need of electricity as well as the need to protect the environment is easily satisfied by the Tesla Generator, whose inventor assembled for the first time a small apparatus, using diodes and capacitors, which was able to transform eco-friendly, radiant energy in electrical power. Obviously, there are other environmentally friendly and 100% free types of energy, like wind and solar energy, but they all depend on weather, unlike Tesla’s generator. Furthermore, the ability to convert solar or wind energy in electricity is very limitative.

But think of the Tesla Generator: it can transform enough radiant energy to sustain an average consumer using low cost components and a simple construction.

Although he was not as well known as Edison, a contemporary American inventor, Tesla had the same prolificacy in inventing seemingly meaningless things, but of great importance for future generations. Obviously, the starting point was made, the direction was set, and Tesla left us the opportunity to continue his work in order to develop his apparatus from several kilowatts of power to the dimensions which can meet the demand of a small town. And all of these at a low price, for both the device and the environment. 

 Tesla’s brilliant genius was testified by his tremendous ability to predict the future necessities of our society and to try to solve those needs by putting together such a spectacular project like the Tesla Generator.