Tesla Generator Plans Revealed

The idea of Tesla’s generator created a lot of buzz in the energy industry. This should not come as a surprise since the generator was said to offer unlimited energy. Who wouldn’t want to have an unlimited supply of free electricity? However, the more important question is how to build one? The answer to this is the Tesla Generator plans.

For years, people were curious about Tesla’s work regarding wireless energy transmission. The Tesla Generator plans are based on his theory that cosmic rays can be harnessed and used to make a motion device function. Tesla began his research on a wireless energy source back in 1901 when he used the Tesla Generator plans to build a device to utilize radiant energy and convert it to electric energy.

The concept of the Tesla Generator plans is quite simple. Two metal plates are used. The first one is placed into the ground while the other metal plate is placed high above the ground. These two plates were used to harness energy from the sun and other radiant energy sources.

Not long after the development of that device, another set of Tesla Generator plans came out. As stated in one of Tesla’s articles, he was able to construct a self-activating device that could harness power from a medium. These devices were mere propositions on how Tesla worked on his wireless energy transmission project. However, none of these devices were said to be the prototype for the Tesla generator.

Days following his death, the Tesla Generator plans went missing. It was not until recently that people rediscovered the files and began distributing it for the world to see.