Tesla Generator – Off-the-Grid Living

Before the BP oil spills, and California Rolling Black Outs, there was a man who could see into our energetic future as a country and as a planet. His name was Nikola Tesla, and he created a ‘secret’ generator called the Tesla generator. “If we use fuel to get our power, we are living on our capital and exhausting it rapidly. This method is barbarous and wantonly wasteful and will have to be stopped in the interest of coming generations.” Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)

This brilliant scientist and inventor knew that there was unlimited energy in the cosmos, and thought (outlandishly at the time) that he could figure out a way to harness it. He never actually built his idea in full form as he did lonely and penniless in a New York hotel room, but he did leave behind detailed plans and diagrams, calling his energy-harnessing machine the Tesla generator.

The U.S. government essentially stole Nikola Tesla’s work from the world, confiscating and putting it away so that other scientists could not rebuild his model. Recently, the plans for Tesla’s free-energy harvesting machine were found and the engine has been built form the concepts Tesla put forth. You can now make your own free-energy generator and instead of paying the electric companies, have them put dollars back in your wallet.

The Tesla generator is not a complicated device to build if you have proper instructions that lay out the steps in an easy-to-understand method. You can build this free-energy machine for very little money, aside from the instructions on how to make it and the few building materials it requires, and then never pay another dime for electricity again. If your dreams of living off the grid have seemed like a far-off fantasy, then you can stop dreaming, and live that reality – today.

Born in the year of 1856, on the Adriatic seashore, near Gospic, Croatia, in the family of an orthodox priest, the inventor of the Tesla Generator, Nikola Tesla, became an American citizen before the age of 30.

It seems that, even from his early childhood, Nikola Tesla was a special child, with exceptional intelligence and unusual mental capacities. This prolific inventor’s studies, some of them more than a century old now, were the beginning point of what we call advanced technology. Domains like electricity, rotating magnetic field, radio, alternative currents system, high frequency currents, atom structure and nucleus, engines and various technologies would be centuries back without Tesla’s research. Without his plans, we wouldn’t have been able to use the radar, the TV, the household robots, the internet, the mobile phones and many other usual modern devices.

Dreaming of a world powered by free electricity, Nikola Tesla was able to anticipate the effect power plants have over the environment, and this is why he was mostly preoccupied with discovering environmentally friendly energy. His struggle to find low cost answers to what he anticipated to be the humanity’s problems made him the creator of more than 40 inventions, all designed before he reached 36 years of age. Among them, the Tesla Generator was Nikola`s masterpiece.

This device, considered initially to be a well-planned hoax, finally proved to be a genial gadget able to produce free electric energy based on the radiant energy. This type of energy does not consume any resource other than the Sun’s radiation. By using this newly found type of energy and creating the Tesla Generator, Nicola gave us complete access to cost free energy.

In addition to all these, the Tesla Generator uses low cost equipment easy to find in every electric store and easy to be put together by anyone who can understand a little electricity and has the blueprint for it. The costs involved in obtaining such a device are infinitely less than the benefits obtained by using it, and this is why people all around the world are interested in obtaining the blueprints or even a functional apparatus. By using such a cost-effective and environmentally friendly electricity generator, there are more benefits to our lives than just the economic ones.

Nikola Tesla was a genius of humanity way before his time, whose inventions are only now understood and whose ideas are not completely put in practice. His genius and his ability to come up with new inventions have been compared with Thomas Alva Edison’s prolificacy. However, unlike Edison, Tesla died poor on a day of Wednesday, in a small room of a New York hotel, on 7 January 1943, approximately around 10:30 pm, in the middle of a world prepared for war.

With his brilliant genius, Tesla was able to predict humanity’s need for electrical power, and the Tesla Generator was the perfect device to satisfy this need 100 % free.