Tesla Generator Experiment

New interest in the Tesla generator experiment can be credited to the zealous search for alternative energy sources. Based on the designs of the 19th Century inventor, Nikola Tesla, this generator is an electric device that holds the promise of changing how cheap and efficient energy is produced. Throughout the design phase of this generator, Tesla thought of a world where energy was not only infinite but also free.

Even though it is speculated that the designs for the Tesla generator were hidden from the public, the Internet is full of a variety of sources that promise to have surreptitious directions on how to build the generator.

Compared to the methods of electricity generation that Thomas Edison was able to develop, Tesla’s generators were said to be a much safer source of electricity. Using his one-of-a-kind theories on electricity transmission and generation, Tesla was able to come up with designs on which he built his generator. One of his motivations for his groundbreaking research work was trying to bridge the gap between the “haves” and “have-nots”. The development of the Tesla generator was meant to be a gift to all people; rich or poor. It was his belief that everybody should have the right to come home and be able to light up a bulb.

Tesla Generator Experiment and the Alternating Current System

By experimenting with an alternating current system, Tesla was able to produce high voltage currents. With time, he developed other novel inventions such as the Tesla coil, as well as conducting a wide range of experiments such as electrical lighting, x-ray generation, the transmission of electricity without wires and alternating current for electric generators without having to transmit. However, the most famous of all his inventions is the coil that bears his name, the Tesla coil. Numerous varieties of his coil were common in museums and science fairs.

Perhaps the reason why the Tesla coil remained relevant for this long is because of its endearing ability to produce high current with equally high voltage. During the early 1900s these coils were used to do a variety of things; for instance, in wireless telegraphy they were used to power up the transmitters on the spark gap in the radio. In addition, they were used for medical purposes as alternative medication, in what is now known as electro-therapy. The Tesla coil was also used in other different kinds of devices of a pseudo-medical nature. Despite there having been a lot of brilliant innovators who have tried designing their own coils using the Tesla design, the Tesla Coil remains the most favored as it is not only reliable but affordable too.

The renewed interest in Tesla’s devices and experiments is likely to lead many people to numerous websites that promise to reveal the key to Tesla’s experiment and designs. When looking for an alternative energy source, it is important to make sure that you’re using a reputable source of information. This is due to the high number of scam websites that promise to offer the design plans needed to build a Tesla generator, yet end up having no comprehensive information to share.