Tesla Generator

tesla generatorThey tried to hide the Tesla generator plans but luckily someone has managed to obtain them, this is why people are trying to create their own versions of this power generating device and create “large scale” electricity generation. There are many reasons why people are so interested in the Tesla Generator, obviously environmental issues will be one of the main factors however with electricity prices on the rise money is also a key reason.

The Tesla Generator and the Power Companies

We have all heard the rumours about the big power companies buying up new power generating inventions and hiding them away, it is said the Tesla generator falls into the same category and this is why the U.S Government confiscated the plans. Many people believe in a conspiracy theory and think the Tesla generator has been hidden from the public, to a certain degree this may be true however the reason it was kept secret is probably because Tesla was working on other projects that could have been used by the military. Saying that there is no doubt that some of the larger power companies have always been nervous about the potential of the Tesla generator, in today’s world though the Internet makes it harder to suppress these kind of inventions. It is probably only a matter of time before someone carries on from where Tesla left off, if the Tesla generator can be fine tuned and made on a larger scale then its energy generation potential could effect us all.

Can the Tesla Generator really create free electricity?

Tesla clearly was a genius and as well as the Tesla Generator he invented the Tesla Coil, if the devise was created by an unknown inventor then you could be forgiven for thinking it is a scam. The fact is the machine is real and it would be illegal to make claims that were untrue, this is why the Tesla plans are one of the few free power products that people trust. Indeed the “powers that be” deemed it necessary to guard them because they realized the power of the device. The reason people are so interested in the Tesla generator is because of the possiblity of evolving the device, it is all very well creating free electricity for the home but just imagine this on a larger scale. The big energy companies have always guarded new energy developments, do not for a minute think that they have overlooked the Tesla Generator.

Why is the Tesla Generator so important?

The Tesla generator is so important because it is a device that can be improved upon, if we can come up with new methods of power generation then this can only be good. Our world resources are now under more pressure than they have ever been before, if we can lessen the burden on our planet then life in general will be better. Tesla’s ideas can take us to new frontiers, as technology evolves it is possible that some day someone will tweak the Tesla generator and that eureka moment will unleash us on a new journey.

Riches from the Tesla Generator

The person who can evolve the Tesla generator stands to unleash a whole chest of riches, not only could the Tesla generator be made power a home it could bring fourth great wealth. The great thing about the machine is that it is easy to make, at least the basic version is as the parts can be sourced from your local hardware store. Since the plans have leaked onto the Internet there has been a huge amount of interest in Tesla’s device, the blueprints and plans have been used in not only schools but by those inventors who seek great wealth. One day for sure the Tesla generator will be enhanced, when this occurs the scam mongers will shy away and the rest of the world will hail the “infamous” Tesla Generator.

Many people are aware of Nikola Tesla and some of his many inventions. What many people do not know is that Tesla had over 1,000 patents under his name for various inventions. Some may argue that he was ahead of his time, while others say that Tesla paved the way for others to improve on his patents over time and create bigger items and machinery that have shaped the world. Nevertheless, he has made history with his inventions such as the Tesla coil and the Tesla generator, one of his inventions that is slowly gaining both recognition and popularity.

What are some of Nikola Tesla’s Patents?

Nikola Tesla was responsible for filing over 1,000 patents during the years in which he did research. Many of his patents were electricity related and in the study of electromagnetism. Among his many inventions and patents included:

  • Dynamo Electric Machine
  • Thermo Magnetic Motor
  • System of Electrical Lighting
  • Electrical Transmission of Power

Each of these were components that helped him lead to one of the biggest inventions of all time, one that could put electric companies out of business – the Tesla generator.

With the ability to lessen the electric bill of many consumers, the Tesla generator is considered one of the top ways to both go green and save money. Never using fuel, the Tesla generator is one step ahead of the rest of the generators on the market. This means no safety hazards such as carbon monoxide poisoning and no expense in keeping the generator running. Rather, it runs solely on the electromagnetic currents and the sun’s energy. At night time, you can use the generator just by utilizing the power of cosmic rays. For everything that the generator offers, it is no surprise that Tesla is considered to be advanced for his time.

However, with the Tesla generator being an invention considered ahead of its time, it has left many wondering why they have only recently begun to hear of its existence. There are many theories – the biggest being that energy companies and banking giants who were financing Tesla’s generator got put off by the fact that the generator would essentially either eliminate the need for electric companies, or at the very least, eat into a good chunk of their profits. Not wanting this to happen, they cut off the funding and despite Tesla’s brilliance, he ended up dying a poor man.

After his death, all of his plans and patents were seized from his apartment in Austria. The contents included the plans for the Tesla generator, the one that could save users thousands of dollars a year in energy costs. People have finally begun to get their hands on these plans and put them to use. With the materials being readily available and inexpensive to purchase, it may not be long before Tesla’s grand invention finally becomes commonplace. This is good news to those who are seeking to cut energy costs or eliminate them altogether.