Is the Tesla Generator for Real?

Whether the Tesla Generator is for real or not was the major question that intrigued people when Nikola Tesla first mentioned his invention. This happened many years ago, when people didn’t know too much about alternative electrical power and the possible sources. The renewable energy was just a myth back then, and people found it hard to believe that there is possible to obtain electricity without using coal, oil or other similar sources that polluted the environment during the generation process.

One of the main reasons people didn’t believe that the Tesla Generator was for real was the fact that they didn’t have access to information. First of all, Nikola Tesla didn’t get to finish his last inventions and, when he died, his most precious notebook with everything he was working on disappeared mysteriously. Years after, some data about the generator somehow became public, and people saw how this device works; so, they started to suspect that the notebook’s disappearance was a conspiracy of the electrical energy suppliers who didn’t want people to give up their services. Unfortunately, this had a disastrous effect on the environment, since the industrialization brought the biggest pollution in the history of human kind.

The fact that all experiments using a Tesla Generator worked is the best proof that the device is for real. Not all people are familiar with the theories about electrical power and how to generate it. Moreover, most of them do not understand the scientific terms. This is why the power of example is the most appropriate one, and cannot be called into question. So, when people see that this device can charge a phone or work appliances, they know they found the best cost-free electrical energy generator.

Customer’s reviews are very important too in establishing whether the Tesla Generator is for real or not. The truth is that the majority of those who used this device are extremely satisfied with the results they got. First of all, the costs of the electricity diminished considerably. Secondly, it can be used no matter the time of the day or the season. This is because, unlike other cheap alternative energy sources, this one is not conditioned by the presence of the sun or of the wind. The cosmic energy that this generator is based on is endless and will be present as long as the Sun releases positive energy that interacts with the negative energy of the earth.

Those who believe that Tesla’s invention is a scam cannot prove their statements through any scientific fact or example. Moreover, most of them are interested in keeping the major energy suppliers active, so that they can bring huge profits to investors. And the truth is that these companies will always be profitable if people do not find alternative energy sources that will help not only their budged, but also the environment, which is suffering a great deal due to processes like burning coal or oil. So, if you want to find out by yourself whether the Tesla Generator is for real, you should try a little experiment using this device and see for yourself how simple and real things can be.

The Tesla Generator – How Come The Secret Is Available to All Of Us?

The Tesla Generator is definitely the most controversial machine of our time. Named after its inventor, a man who had the courage to say that energy is to be found everywhere and people should be able to use it for free, this generator is a solution at hand.

Tesla’s ideas, kept away from the public’s eye for a long time, have recently fallen into the right hands and allowed the development of plans based on which people can build their own magnetic generators.

It may sound very complicated, but, in fact, things could not be easier. Anyone can build his own source of energy and answer his electricity needs without spending a fortune.

The Tesla Generator has represented an impossible dream and a taboo subject for years. When, after Tesla’s death, his work was confiscated by the U.S Government and his ideas declared useless and non-implementable, people forgot all about the possibility of using energy as they wished.

Even now, most people have a hard time believing they could actually build their own generator and get for free what they had to pay for for decades.

Is this too good to be true? Is it impossible to achieve? If the Tesla Generator existed, how come no one started mass production to sell it worldwide? These are all questions people ask to find an excuse for their reluctance and fear of all that’s new. They waste time and energy on these questions, when, with a minimum investment, they could verify what is real and what is not.

Just give the idea a chance and you will see that it all makes sense. As Tesla said, the Earth is surrounded by cosmic energy, produced by the interaction with the Sun. This energy is inexhaustible and available at all times. In order to use it, we just need a machine that can capture it and transform it in the electricity that sets our world in motion. This is Tesla’s generator.

How could you possibly build such an ingenious device? Tesla’s ideas were simplified and put together for this exact purpose. They resulted in complete instructions on how to build a magnetic generator, written by people who had access to Tesla’s ideas and decided to use them to help people break away from their slavery to electricity providers.

Tesla’s theory has already been tested in Shoreham, New York, where a transmitter named Wardenclyfe was built and used to collect energy from the atmosphere and distribute it to several households.

Even if the inventor did not live to see his ideas applied, each Tesla Generator can turn into an homage paid to the scientist and his dedication to improve everyday living and cut off the electricity bill expenses.

As for building the actual generator, if you have bought stuff over the internet before, like a piece of furniture or a greenhouse or helped your kid with his school science projects, everything will be as simple as counting to ten.

You will have your Tesla Generator built in no time, using materials you already have or very easy to acquire.