Building a Generator Using The Tesla Generator Plans

Nikola Tesla was the man behind the Tesla Generator. His plan was to make a device in order to produce wireless energy. The energy from the generator can power homes and small devices and this was his vision for humanity – to give everyone a free source of energy. During his time, he was able to perfect the Tesla Generator plans but he was not able to finish his biggest project, a wireless transmission tower, due to conflicts with the financiers.

Tesla Generator plans and their sources

Today, there are plenty of sources for the Tesla Generator plans floating around. If you are one of those people who want to test Tesla’s experiments and come up with your own power source, you can easily grab a copy of the Tesla Generator plans and with a few materials, you will be able to build a small generator that you can use. All you need are a few diodes, ceramic capacitors and electrolytic capacitors. Getting a copy of the real Tesla Generator plans entails a lot of research. There are scam sites on the Internet that sell the plans but they may not offer the real thing.

If you search hard enough, you might be able to find a source where you can view the copy of the original Tesla Generator plans. These blueprints show drawings and explanations written by Tesla himself. With a bit of patience, you may be able to make your own small-scale version of the Tesla Generator with the Tesla Generator plans and blueprints that you can get online.

The excitement surrounding the Tesla Generator plans and schematics

The exciting thing is that all around the world thousands of electrical specialists are trying to use the blueprints to build a large generator, the Tesla generator plans could hold the secret to a mass of untapped energy. The original designs and schematics that Tesla had drawn up proving to be of huge value to countless scientists and physicist’s, with the help of  Tesla’s designs they are trying to crack the code for totally renewable energy.

Fact is that someone somewhere is using the Tesla generator plans to create free power on a simply awesome scale, the experiments of that person could lead them to untold wealth and success. Many people use the blueprints simply to cut their power bills, some smart cookies though realise that a hybrid Tesla generator could make them an absolute fortune. Some treasure maps never come to light, it is true to say though that a we our very fortunate to have our own in the form of the Tesla generator plans.