Build your own Tesla Generator

If you want to build your own Tesla generator this is now possible, to the dismay of the power companies you can now make a Tesla generator by using the plans recently released on the Internet. These are instantly down-loadable and can be accessed in a matter of minutes, they will enable you to construct the Tesla device which uses radiant energy to create electricity. Up until recently the Tesla Generator plans were simply a mythical legend that scientists and geeks had argued about, then all of of a sudden they were leaked onto the Internet and are now one of the hottest topics in “green2 energy circles.

Tesla Generator Components

The required parts list is contained within the Tesla generator blueprints, these components are not hard to come by and can be sourced from just about any decent hardware store. The parts list along with the plans can be downloaded online, these consist of basic electrical components of which capacitors are one. Originally the plans were locked away however in workshops all over the world Tesla generators are being constructed.

Tesla Generator Scam rumours

Initially when the Tesla generator plans first surfaced on the Internet the “scam crowd” jumped on board to dismiss the claims of free power generation, within a short space of time however the rumours soon died down. Why did the scam claim die? well quite simply because the Tesla Generator turned out to be a genuine device, those who had dismissed its credibility discovered that it was in fact a reality. Indeed in the past there have been ridiculous claims of hidden technologies and energy creating devices, in this case though the scam mongers soon realized their error.

There are few people out there who have not thought at least once about producing energy on their own, and the Tesla Generator could be their first and only chance to see it happen – it is the innovative and remarkable machine that could give them that kind of independence.

Nikola Tesla is the creator of the coil the generator is based upon. He developed it in 1891, after consistent research and experimentation, using non-conventional and unique convertors. The process of alternating currents eventually resulted into a high and periodical electricity frequency.

Imagine creating that kind of energy in your own home. You would be able to produce heat and light for free, with this small and simple device called the Tesla Generator. You could even produce electric power for your car and replace standard fuel, all 100 % free, with natural resources.

What is best, your actions will have no negative impacts whatsoever, except perhaps on the profits of the electricity providers, but certainly not on the environment or your health. There is no other easier or cheaper way to produce energy.

What was just a dream has turned into reality, a modern reality in which you can forget all about energy produced by machineries running on coal or oil. All you need are Tesla’s plans and drawings.

If you browse online for terms like ‘energy source’, ‘zero cost’, ‘green energy’ or ‘eco friendly’, you will certainly stumble upon details on the Tesla Generator, as it means all that and more. The main purpose of using such a gadget is to be able to use the inexhaustible natural resources to your advantage, without damaging the environment. You basically create an endless win-win cycle.

You can purchase the parts required to build the generator or produce them yourself, for incredibly low prices. You can also find construction manuals with step by step instructions and detailed drawings and schematics, so that you can put together the components in no time.

Generating up to 4.5 megawatts of power, a Tesla Generator will prove a reliable source of alternative energy, covering your home’s needs and even excess energy you could sell to your general electricity provider and even make some money. An hour is all you need to assemble a fully functional unit. The device occupies little space and is light enough to be carried around in camping trips and hiking adventures.

It is a practical idea no matter how you look at it. This generator will actually support all your home appliances, producing the free electric power required for heating, lighting, cooking or washing devices to function at their maximum power, without releasing pollutants, smoke or strange smells. A gift to mankind indeed!

So stop wasting time and get your Tesla Generator plans right now, use your skills and resources to build the revolutionary device that will change your life forever, saving you money and resources and letting you enjoy all the modern facilities at no cost.

The Tesla Generator – All Your Electrical Bill Troubles Stop Now

If you are terrified by how much your energy bill has gone up in the last few years, the Tesla Generator could be what you need. Providing you with electrical energy at zero cost, the generator can very much save your life, or at least your money purse. Wars in oil-rich areas, the fact that oil is quickly running out and the fact that its polluting effect has led to taxes for it going up (effectively leading to prices going up) mean that, if you compare this year’s bill with the bills that you received a few years ago, you will probably run scared.

Sure, the fact that alternative energy is eco friendly is all good, but when we’re all fighting to get by and have something to put on the table, the expensiveness of installing solar panels is depressing to us all – despite governments providing tax cuts, they are still a luxury. Add that to the fact that, in the case of solar panels, you need sunlight to power them up – which means that on a cloudy day, you’ll have to go back to regular energy and your monthly bill will no longer be zero.

But what if you could be environmentally friendly and not spend a lot of cash in the process? The Tesla Generator is the way to go about it. Unlike solar panels, it is very cheap to build – all the components that are needed will cost you around $100. It will not take too much of your time either – building it takes about an hour, on average. This is basically everything you have to invest in order to make this machine work.

Basically, the Tesla Generator, once built, will become the most efficient little device you have ever seen. Although quite small, it will generate cost-free energy that will effortlessly be able to keep your household running, without the need of any special conditions or of any extra energy. Your energy bill will go from high to zero in a matter of days.

If you think there must be a catch, think again. The Tesla Generator is small enough to not be in your way and cheap enough to be affordable, it can easily maintained, so it will not be a bother, and since it does not release any fumes, smoke or gases, it is a constant supplier of green energy. And, the most amazing part – once you have installed it, it is all free.

You will basically be able to supply your house with all the energy it needs to run comfortably, with a minimum initial investment and with absolutely no further expenses. Since everything is very safe, you will not have to worry about any dangers for you or your family and you will be able to enjoy your energy without depending on any supplier and without paying for it.

How can you do that? It’s simple – find the Tesla Generator blueprints (available online) and follow the instructions.